Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ok my family is going to hate this decision I have made this morning. Its been coming for a while, and I have talked about it, so it can't be too big a shock to them.
From now on, if I cant make it, bake it, buy it at an op shop, only then (if its really needed) does it come into this house new. I want our family to be less consumption greedy. Our diet will be cleaned up heaps too.
I've decided its root vegies and core ingredients all the way now. Last night was a hearty beef stew with mash potatoes for dinner (yummy winter meal) and this morning has been porridge. Once the margarine is run out, I will change to butter. Cakes and everything foodwise, now gets made from scratch, so no packets anymore. As soon as the ones in the cupboard run out, thats it. I've just had enough of the impact we have.
I want to teach the kids where thin gs come form and the better alternative to live. We are a cloth nappy family alaredy, so this is just extending our nature based life further.

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