Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

6 of them...

I have 6 of them, these juvenile terrorists who have taken over my home. They are the reason I don't sleep at night, stay up worrying about their future and wonder if we do them right. 6 of them, 6 minds to help develop, 6 hearts to help grow, 6 bodies to help nourish.

A big ask for I was never the maternal type, raised by even less of a maternal type.
I look at my eldest son, I'm proud beyond what I could imagine, I look at my second son. He makes mistakes, but in the grand scheme they will be considered unimportant, and I adore the kid, I really do, he keeps me awake with worry, but I'm sure he good heart will see him through. My third son is a joy, and an amazement, I'm sure ASIO will break the door down in a few years as his computer skills are brilliant, but he is an adventurer, and his cheeky nature better not get too out of hand. the princess, a joy we never thought possible a girl in the mix of all these boys. She is a bossy ballerina, and I am constantly amazed by her, her carefree spirit Im jealous of. The last boy in the mix, the cheeky little crazy guy who has a laugh that brings the house down, he is adorable, and knows it. Then we have junior princess, wriggling in the baby carrier as I speak doesn't take much to gain everyone's attention, she is adorable and I wonder where her life will take her, how we can aid in whatever she chooses to pursue, she is a stunner and she will soon know it.

These are my children, grown from me and my husband who after many years of slapstick comedy, we are still fighting strong where others have fallen, I love them and I'd never have it any other way

Monday, November 8, 2010

ok back to writing a new knitting pattern, Ive had something in mind and now knitting it, its not turning out as I thought, but its gt my interest anyway, its different and I like it :)

need to rethink how to apply it though....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lilli's new dress. Shes so happy with this dress, and it cost a total of $6 at the local op shop :D
what a find!! she looks awesome in it too!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Closing down sale!!

Closing down sale for:
the drop zone
Cherry Blossom
Barrette Babe!!

come see our clearance stock at barrette babe!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Having a big wool sell-out on rav this weekend!!!!
will be loading more up tomorrow, too mush yarn man, too much yarn hehehe.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

V's-Beanie recipe

ok, I really don't have a name for this beanie, but I've been knitting them

for years, so now with Vincent's being the last one knit, he gets the name :)
this hat fits a 1 year old as well as the 7 year old in the picture.

use any standard 8ply wool 70-80g should accommodate very well. (will work with 10ply as well)
darning needle
5mm circular needles, 40cms length

cast on 84 (size with fit approx 7yrs.)
knit 2xrib for 10 rows.
knit stockingette for 50 rows.
place stitches onto two dpn's and graft the two rows together using your preferred method(makes a
cleaner seam)
alternatively, you can cast off and seam this line using a darning needle.
now once that is done, secure all threads within the beanie and you have the choice of adding pom poms or tassels.

For this beanie I'm making tassels.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ok, this is my recipe for Circ Bunnies!!
they are quiet, but when you are done, they need cuddles as they get a little traumatised from being stuffed.

Circ bunnies recipe

30cm circs
4mm tips

Cast On 50sts
k 45 rows

k10, place these stitches on a stitch holder, k25, place last 10 stitches onto stitch holder.

purl 1 row
knit 1 row
repeat 10 times.
to make 20 rows.

cast off.

repeat other side.

graft centre stitches together
(kitchen stitch or otherwise)

sew in seams, leave opening at base for stuffing.
close after stuffing.

make pom pom for tail in contrast colour and then with same wool, detail bunnie with eyes and nose.

don't bake them as they tend to scream.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

ok, I will be making my tute over the next couple of days. I have found a way to make a funky, CHEAP nappy, that can reduce the amount of fabric you use and waste and yet still be VERY absorbent and contain as much as you need. Also standard nappies can be day or night nappies!! just add in another booster! Nappies can be made as a sized nappy or I will be adding in a pattern when I figure out how, to make a One size nappy. Any fabric design can be sewn to the back, or embroidery, or any funkyish thing you want. I tend to use micro-fleece as an inner, but suede cloth or even flannel to keep all cotton is ok. This is not particularly a trim nappy as you sew a three fold booster (hemp bamboo, cotton) and the nappy accommodates this.

this is the picture gallery of some I have made, Tutorial to follow soon!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

the new year, the 2010 me.

this year is about me taking the time to be me. Im halving the content of our house, Im making the space for us, to be us.
I'm also partaking in Carolyn's sensational challenge!!!
I love it, I'm so in with bells and stuff, hehe.

as she wrote:
For 2010 I thought that it would be great for us who sew to be challenged a little or a lot- depending on what takes your interest.

So each month I will be posting a challenge. Each month you (the blogger) can sign up for the challenge. It would be fun to blog about your challenge thought the month, but its not essential

You can participate each month, or just for one month, depending on what your life is throwing at you at the time.

The first sign up will be in the first (starting the 1st) of each month, and ‘presenting’ your projects will be in the last week of each month. (again there are no rules)

But remember… it is to challenge you. So if you think “oh no I cant insert zips” maybe that’s the month that you sign up so that you can learn.

At the end of the month blog your project, even if its still a WIP. There will also be a flickr group (WIP) so that you can scroll through projects quickly- or if you want to join in but dont have a blog.

I will try and include free patterns and tutorials to help you along your way. Im still learning too!

There will also be some free giveaways at random times!

The challenges are:

January: something for me
February: something in knit
March: softie
April: something lined
May: enclosed zip
June something self designed or drafted.
July: something with pleats
August: hand embroidery/ smocking
September: bag
October: refashioned (visit your op-shop and create something new!)
November: Something for the Christmas tree
December: sharpen your skills on one of the challenges!