Thursday, April 8, 2010

V's-Beanie recipe

ok, I really don't have a name for this beanie, but I've been knitting them

for years, so now with Vincent's being the last one knit, he gets the name :)
this hat fits a 1 year old as well as the 7 year old in the picture.

use any standard 8ply wool 70-80g should accommodate very well. (will work with 10ply as well)
darning needle
5mm circular needles, 40cms length

cast on 84 (size with fit approx 7yrs.)
knit 2xrib for 10 rows.
knit stockingette for 50 rows.
place stitches onto two dpn's and graft the two rows together using your preferred method(makes a
cleaner seam)
alternatively, you can cast off and seam this line using a darning needle.
now once that is done, secure all threads within the beanie and you have the choice of adding pom poms or tassels.

For this beanie I'm making tassels.

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