Saturday, July 2, 2011

year of projects chapter one

ok, I'm joining a blogging/get your knitting ass organised group on rav. Now Im hopless at blogging (I keep swearing I'll get better then the next post is about 2-3 months after that, if Im lucky) so we will see how well this goes, dont hold your breath hehe.

my july 1-9 list:

Penny's blankie (Penny's first birthday is the 10th july)
Penny's Sunrise Beanie (for her to wear to bendi)

lets just see how I go shall we :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

getting rid of the old, bring in the new.

well, I made the purchase of a lifetime. Salvos is where I got this new wall unit from and its perfect.
I suggest they probably retail for about $1000 or more when new? Well it was at the salvos for $599 (yes we have an expensive salvos, but we wont get into that) and even with my health care card savings of 20% on tuesday, its still $480 and I didnt have that to spare at the time.
So I wait a few weeks forgetting about it, surely its gone right? NO (yay!) and its reduced in price (yay again!) so grabbed it. $260 after using my health care card. YAY bigtime.

lets see pics.
this is the abhorrent mess we had before.

then we need to clear it all out and break down that horrible green unit, that was SUPER glued as well as hidden countersunk screwed, man this was a nightmare to disassemble.

everything all gone, ready to pick up new unit tomorrow morning.

does this NOT look heaps better!! I love it and only $260!!
solid pine, even the base of the drawers.
our lounge room might just end up respectable after all.

I'm a very happy little Vegemite :D
oh and do you wonder where those dollfies went? hehehe, awesomeness!!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

our new backyard funhouse...

I thought being that we now have 6 kids and have not done this up till now, we should buy/build a cubby house.
I will never endeavour to do this again. On the instructions it said 5-7 hours for 2 men. it REALLY took 18 hours for 4 people.
anyway, the kids can hardly be kept out of it, so its a hit which was the intent :)

 Levelled out ground in the backyard
 Boxes it all came in, everything all tucked in :)


of course in the sewing of these, Lilli felt the need to obtain Rose and Violet went to Penny, so William, Joe and Lady are going to be auctioned off to raise more funds for flood victims.

Let me introduce William, he's a pretty shy guy, will need cuddles lots.

Here we have Joe, Joe is a pretty cool fellow, not much bothers him, he says he doesn't "need" cuddles, but I feel that just what he tells people hehe.

 This is Lady, shes a very kind and welcoming old soul, she has longer hair and it keeps getting in her eyes and annoying her, but she lives with it lol.
 This is Rose, a bit of a ragamuffin, keep getting into trouble with her sister Violet. she blames Violet, but we know Rose is the ring leader lol.
 This is Violet, shes a follower, not so good since her sister brings her into all kinds of trouble, but shes the smallest and looks up to Rose.
 Rose and Violet, they have been adopted by Lilli and Penny, they can't be separated, so 2 sisters for 2 sisters!
Peeps are made of quality cord, quilters cotton and embellish  materials. Safety eyes and acrylic felt make the faces and are filled with new polyfil.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Facebook, love it and loath it.....

I love Facebook, I can keep up to date with all my friends and family and keep them up to date nice and easily like. A pretty good idea, and has been celebrated worldwide as a way for people to meet and stay connected.

But facebook, you have grieved me. Why do you regard breastfeeding at a sexual thing to hide away? Why is it naughty and obscene? Are we not a society trying to promote natural motherhood?

I personally have had a rough breastfeeding journey. After 6 kids, you'd think I'd have this thing down pat, but alas no, its been a tough and trying ride. The longest is 3 months, I wish it had flourished.
Support groups are the be all for most parents. In our conformity competitive society, online support is ultimate.

I have cloth bummed my kids in the last 4 years, having a large and supportive online community to encourage me when I felt like tossing it in.  The same is to be said about breastfeeding. I would have given up way before had it not been for online support groups, and facebook, you reach many people, you have a responsibility to the world when you create this "social networking" avenue.

I really do suggest Facebook, women have the power of the gab, don't make you the thing we are winging about.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


lets get this stash knitted!!
I really need to take a pic of all of it, its quite stunning to drool over lol