Sunday, January 9, 2011

Facebook, love it and loath it.....

I love Facebook, I can keep up to date with all my friends and family and keep them up to date nice and easily like. A pretty good idea, and has been celebrated worldwide as a way for people to meet and stay connected.

But facebook, you have grieved me. Why do you regard breastfeeding at a sexual thing to hide away? Why is it naughty and obscene? Are we not a society trying to promote natural motherhood?

I personally have had a rough breastfeeding journey. After 6 kids, you'd think I'd have this thing down pat, but alas no, its been a tough and trying ride. The longest is 3 months, I wish it had flourished.
Support groups are the be all for most parents. In our conformity competitive society, online support is ultimate.

I have cloth bummed my kids in the last 4 years, having a large and supportive online community to encourage me when I felt like tossing it in.  The same is to be said about breastfeeding. I would have given up way before had it not been for online support groups, and facebook, you reach many people, you have a responsibility to the world when you create this "social networking" avenue.

I really do suggest Facebook, women have the power of the gab, don't make you the thing we are winging about.

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