Thursday, January 27, 2011

getting rid of the old, bring in the new.

well, I made the purchase of a lifetime. Salvos is where I got this new wall unit from and its perfect.
I suggest they probably retail for about $1000 or more when new? Well it was at the salvos for $599 (yes we have an expensive salvos, but we wont get into that) and even with my health care card savings of 20% on tuesday, its still $480 and I didnt have that to spare at the time.
So I wait a few weeks forgetting about it, surely its gone right? NO (yay!) and its reduced in price (yay again!) so grabbed it. $260 after using my health care card. YAY bigtime.

lets see pics.
this is the abhorrent mess we had before.

then we need to clear it all out and break down that horrible green unit, that was SUPER glued as well as hidden countersunk screwed, man this was a nightmare to disassemble.

everything all gone, ready to pick up new unit tomorrow morning.

does this NOT look heaps better!! I love it and only $260!!
solid pine, even the base of the drawers.
our lounge room might just end up respectable after all.

I'm a very happy little Vegemite :D
oh and do you wonder where those dollfies went? hehehe, awesomeness!!!!!

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  1. Wow total bargain...didn't know you had a blog babe xx