Saturday, February 13, 2010

ok, I will be making my tute over the next couple of days. I have found a way to make a funky, CHEAP nappy, that can reduce the amount of fabric you use and waste and yet still be VERY absorbent and contain as much as you need. Also standard nappies can be day or night nappies!! just add in another booster! Nappies can be made as a sized nappy or I will be adding in a pattern when I figure out how, to make a One size nappy. Any fabric design can be sewn to the back, or embroidery, or any funkyish thing you want. I tend to use micro-fleece as an inner, but suede cloth or even flannel to keep all cotton is ok. This is not particularly a trim nappy as you sew a three fold booster (hemp bamboo, cotton) and the nappy accommodates this.

this is the picture gallery of some I have made, Tutorial to follow soon!!

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